Thursday, June 20, 2013

Eating Out: Prima Stella Pizzeria

So for Father's  Day this year I took my dad out to dinner. We went last night to this local pizza place here on Long Island. It is right up the road from my house and has a very nice atmosphere. On Mondays & Wednesdays they have a special "Pasta Night". For $10.95 you get garlic bread, a house salad one of MANY pasta choices and a cannoli. I can't eat cannolis so it just means that my dad got two cannolis haha. It is such a great deal and the food is really good. I have been there a few times and enjoy trying different things each time. This is what I had this time!

The ingredients in this dish include linguine, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, diced sundried tomatoes, fresh garlic, sliced mushrooms and fresh parsley. The sauce is just olive oil. 

Here is the website so you can check out some other options that they have. I always just make sure I say "no butter" please! Just oil :)