Sunday, January 27, 2013

Vegan Eggplant Lasagna

My sister made this dish over Christmas. I switched things around a little bit. She had made one big one for the family and then let me make a mini one vegan style. I bough an eggplant last week because they were on sale for a dollar. I knew I had to use it quickly and wanted to do something different then I did last time. I looked up a million different recipes but I kept coming back to this idea so I just went with it. Like I said I did add my own little twist to it though & it came out so yummy :)

1 large eggplant
egg re placer
Italian style bread crumbs
1 meium zuchinni  
1 jar of sauce
daiya mozzarella
vegan Parmesan
olive oil
italian seasoning

Preheat oven to 400 degrees
1. Slice eggplant into about 1/2 inch slices. Coat these with the egg re placer & place in bread crumbs. Coat evenly with bread crumbs. You will then place these on a s cooking tray (make sure it is non-stick or you spray with non-stick cooking spray) Place egg plant in oven for about 15 minutes. You probably want to turn them about half way through. When they look crispy on both sides take out of oven and let cool.. 
2. Slice zuchinni into 1/4 in slices. Also place these onto a non stick or spray with non stick spray tray. Spread some olive oil on top and sprinkle some Italian seasoning on top. Place in oven for no more then 10 minutes. Make sure to flip them as well and onc they are crispy on both sides remove from oven and let cool.
3. Make the Garden Ricotta. If you click where it says Garden Ricotta under ingredients it will bring you to the recipe. I have used it in other items on my page.
4. In medium clear glass cooking pan place some sauce on bottom. Add one layer of breaded egg plant. Add some zuchinni as well. Spread some of the Garden Ricotta evenly on top of eggplant and zuchinni. Add some daiya mozzarella and then some more sauce.
5. Repeat this process one more time except add the mozzarella last this time so (eggplent. zuchinni, ricotta, sauce & then cheese).  
6. Place in oven for about 30 minutes or until it is hot. 
7. Make sure you let it cool for about 10 minutes because it will be VERY hot.
Serve with vegan Parmesan :)