Saturday, February 2, 2013

Baked Eggplant Sandwhich

We went snowboarding yesterday (my second time ever) and when we got back I was STARVING! When I made that egg plant lasagna last week I did not use all of the egg plant so I froze some to make a sandwich with. We still had to pieces of ciabatta bread leftover so I decided to make eggplant sandwiches. It is fast, easy and so full of flavor. I wish I could eat it for lunch during the week but it is not something I can make at a school unfortunately. I love that it is all vegetables though and because the eggplant is nice and thick it is like having meat on a sandwich :)

leftover breaded & baked eggplant 
ciabatta bread
yellow onion
red, yellow or orange pepper
fresh spinach
olive oil
steak seasoning
garlic salt

If you don't have leftover eggplant see this recipe to make fresh egg plant. Otherwise take your frozen eggplant and place on non stick cooking tray. Turn oven on to about 350 and place in oven until they are warm. I flipped them once so they did not burn. I didn't give you a specific amount on the vegetables because it really depends on how much you want. I made 2 sandwiches so I needed enough for 2. Also some people may want more or less of something so it is really up to you on how much of each you would like. Anyway cut up or vegetables and add onions, peppers and garlic to a non stick pan with a little bit of olive oil on medium heat. When they start to get soft add the mushrooms. Make sure you mix them so they do not burn. Add the garlic salt and steak seasoning to taste and just before you remove from heat add the spinach. Mix around to help the spinach wilt. When everything is cooked remove from heat. Cut the ciabatta bread in half and spread a little olive oil on the top and bottom. Place face down in oven to toast it. When toasted remove bread and eggplant from oven. Add the eggplant on the bottom and place the vegetables on top. If you want to add any sauces you may want to do that. I did not i just ate it plain because it was so full of flavor I think a sauce would have taken away from that flavor. It was delicious and very filling. Enjoy :)