Saturday, March 30, 2013

Crispy Potato & Leek Patties

WOW! This week has flown by! I was planning on putting this recipe on Monday and it is already Saturday! Woops! Time flies when you are having fun! We have been on Spring Break since last Friday and have been very busy! We did not do a whole lot last weekend as our days were filled with watching March Madness! I could not convince myself to move much because the games were just so good! Gonzaga And Georgetown lost and just killed my bracket but that is what it is all about I really enjoy watching underdogs win! Anyway this week we were able to go Snowboarding the resort is closing tomorrow and even though it has been about 60 everyday there is still snow up on the Mountain! We also made a spur of the moment trip to Moab, Utah! It is only about 2 hours from us and the scenery is unreal! I will post some pictures later in the week! We went the this place called the Aarchways and it was just miles of beautiful mountains and rock. We hiked about 6 miles by the time we were done. Anyway it was a busy week and I am finally sitting down to add this recipe because it was so yummy and quick!!!!

the insides of 6 potatoes (I used the leftovers from my loaded skins)
1/2 cup all purpose flour
1/4 cup almond milk (optional)
1/2-1 cup water (optional)
olive oil
spray oil
1 leek 
fresh parsley
vegan sour cream

Total Cook Time: 20-45 minutes
Makes: 8 patties
Ok if you are using the insides of your potatoes from your skins you will want to heat them for a minute in the microwave. If you are using fresh potatoes you will want to peel them and place them in boiling water until they are extremely soft. Strain them and let cool. Next add your flour. and smash together. Now in my ingredients I have listed almond milk and water as optional because I only had to use it because my potatoes were very dry and I needed to moisten them. If you are boiling them I do not think you will need these ingredients as they will be moist. Chop your leek to your liking and cook on medium heat with some olive oil in a pan until they start to get crispy. Remove from heat and mix in with your potatoes. Make sure they are smashed good like you are making mashed potatoes. You do not want any lumps. Also add some salt and pepper to taste. Turn your pan on medium and spray with spray oil. Form your potatoes into mini patties and place in pan. Mine made 8 patties so I did 4 and 4 but if your pan is big enough make all 8. Let them cook and when they begin to brown on the bottom flip over. Once both sides are crispy remove and serve. 

I also made a a sour cream and parsley sauce to eat them with. All I did was use tofuti sour cream and added chopped parsley and pepper. I mixed it together and served it on the side. 

Enjoy :)